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Nathalie Al-Zyoud
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Senior Mediator and Conflict Management Consultant
Communities in Transition
United States


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06-2015 AFP Annual Conference

About a year ago, Nathalie Al-Zyoud with Communities in Transition (CIT) started the IMCP in collaboration with the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AFP) to improve the effectiveness of international mediation by providing a space to support practitioners. Members’ interests were organized into 3 sections (Research and Analysis; Member Support; and Resource section) each composed of member-run working group around themes of interest. Today the IMCP has close to 500 members and recently hired its first intern.

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04-2015 Negotiating Peace in Africa

H.E. Liberata Mulamula, Ambassador of Tanzania to the U.S., provided participants with an insider’s perspective on the facilitation of peace agreements in Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC.

In a conversation moderated by Suzanne Ghais, Ph.D. candidate at American University, Amb. Mulamula discussed such topics as getting hostile parties to the table, inclusion/exclusion dilemmas, gaining and maintaining parties’ trust, overcoming deadlocks, the role of women in official peacemaking, media and public opinion on peace talks, and implementation challenges.

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02-2015 Finding Common Ground between Governments

Ambassador David Greenlee, U.S. delegate of the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group (1996-97), and Ted Feifer, Deputy Head of the U.S. delegation explored the strategies they used to exploit opportunities and manage challenges while facilitating an official dialogue process between governments.

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01-2015 Building a Community Mediation Program

During the IMCP’s first Peer-to-Peer Consultation, Julie Walton with Communities in Transition discussed the foundational pillars for starting a community mediation program: sustainability, participation, course content, apprenticeship, monitoring and evaluation and follow-up.

After Julie’s presentation, Amy Rymer, Friends Peace Teams, presented a case study on El Salvador where she would like to open a community mediation center and Jayne Nucete, University of Maryland, helped participants work through some of the challenges presented by Amy.

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12-2014 Survey Working Group

A survey was sent to IMCP members asking about: (1) your objectives for participating in the IMCP and (2) how you define mediation, negotiation and facilitation.

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