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Nathalie Al-Zyoud
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Senior Mediator and Conflict Management Consultant
Communities in Transition
United States


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10-2017 Finding Leverage Points for Shifting U.S. Congressional Dysfunctions


Certain problems can be resolved by dismantling its components, replacing the broken parts and putting things back together. As the Omidyar Group describes it, these “clock” problems are mechanical, finite and predictable. Other problems cannot be resolved unless all parts of the system are taken into account because changing one factor will affect another, thus mitigating or strengthening your expected outcomes. These “cloud” problems are ever-changing, unpredictable and hard to control.


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08-2017 The Rise of Dangerous Speech in the U.S

In these times of heightened political tension, the IMCP Hill Working Group invited experts [1] in the field of dangerous speech to help us understand the context in which our country’s political dysfunction is evolving.

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03-2017 Calling on all Citizen Mediators to Bridge the U.S. Political Divide

Joint MBBI-IMCP-ACR Peer-2-Peer Consultation (March 2016)

Members of several conflict resolution networks came together to discuss our current work and role impacting our democracy. Meta-Culture introduced the concept of being a "Citizen Mediator." Participants discussed building a national movement of peace-builders able to tackle today’s most pressing threats to our democracy and promote collaboration across differences through:

  1. Dialogue;
  2. Education; and
  3. Advocacy


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02-2017 The Cost and Effectiveness of Peacebuilding Mediation

Event organized by the IMCP mediation IMPACT Working Group [1]


Several studies in the field of conflict resolution are promising to add to the body of data on the cost-effectiveness and impact of mediation.

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12-2016 2017 Extractive Industry Calendar of Events and Conferences

As the CoP and the IMCP prepare for 2017, we were joined by Luc Zandvliet with Triple R Alliance and Pascal Gemperli with the æ-Centre, as we discussed opportunities for promoting more collaborative corporate-community relationships.

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