International Mediators Community of Practice

Corporate-Community Engagements

The IMCP and the Community of Practice of Dialogue Facilitators (CoP), created by Access Facility, joined forces to provide a space for collaboration between corporate-community-government mediators and facilitators around the world.

The CoP is composed of senior professionals located all over the world who use consensus-based processes to help communities, companies and governments engage constructively to find their way to rights-compatible, interest-based solutions to common challenges. 

The IMCP and the CoP will co-lead the corporate-community engagement working group activities to:

  • Advance theory and practice relevant to its objectives
  • Support members with networking, resources, and opportunities for professional development, including mentorship
  • Expand the pool of highly qualified practitioners in all regions
  • Raise awareness with relevant stakeholders of constructive approaches that prevent destructive conflict, improve working relationships and arrive at collaborative solution.

Interested individuals or organizations may join either community by following the links below:

  • Register your organization with the IMCP
  • Register as a facilitator with the CoP by sending your letter of interest to the CoP Secretariat at


Corporate-Community Engagement WG co-leads





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