International Mediators Community of Practice

About Us

The International Mediators Community of Practice (IMCP) was officially launched in 2014 by Communities in Transition (CIT) with the support of the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP).

The IMCP provides an informal platform for discussion between mediation practitioners, trainers, academics and providers of mediation support services who actively engage in third-party conflict transformation, to strengthen our skills and increase the use of dialogue processes in complex conflict contexts. 



The goal of the IMCP is to improve the effectiveness and increase the use of mediation by providing support and guidance to practitioners.



The IMCP is an inclusive, member-driven and collaborative network that seeks to model what its members are hoping to promote in the field of conflict resolution by providing a healthy and professional space for learning and growth through mentoring and reflective practices.



The IMCP defines mediation in the following way:

Mediation is a process whereby a third-party assists two or more parties, with their consent, to
prevent, manage, or resolve a conflict by helping them develop mutually acceptable

UN Guidance For Effective Mediation (A/66/811, 25 June 2012 annex)