International Mediators Community of Practice

The Rise of Dangerous Speech in the U.S: how did we get here?

1.5 hour(s)
U.S. Institute of Peace (Web access will be provided upon request)

Hosted by: PeaceTech Lab


A casualty of successive political shocks many decades in the making, the extinction of the Capitol Hill statesman mirrors the crisis in civility felt throughout the country. Differences in political opinion are no longer tolerated or discussed and champions of hateful rhetoric are finding a comfortable place in our social fabric at the expense of those seeking understanding and common ground.


Join our speakers for a discussion on the evolution of hate-groups, politics, the media and race-relations in America as factors that contribute to the rise and normalization of dangerous speech.


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What is dangerous speech?

Lucas Wright, Researcher at the Dangerous Speech Project and Rachel Brown, Executive Director of Over Zero


Dog-whistle politics: triggers of historical trauma

Jessica Gonzalez, Deputy Director and Senior Counsel at Free Press


How did we get here?

Henry Fernandez, CEO of Fernandez Advisors and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress



This event is organized by the IMCP Hill Working Group