International Mediators Community of Practice

Picking up the pieces post U.S.-elections

Republicans and democrats

Communities in Transition (CIT) invited fellow conflict resolution practitioners for a peer-2-peer conversation to generate ideas for using communication and consensus-building tools to help restore constructive dialogue on Capitol Hill.

The discussion focused on the following themes:

  • Clarifying our objectives
  • Assessing Congressional dynamics
  • Healing our biases
  • Demonstrating the added-value of collaborative decision-making
  • Connecting Congress to diverse communities

It was also noted by the group to be mindful of labels and boxes because each community is diverse and complex; to acknowledge the integrity and dignity of people regardless of their voting history; the importance of remaining impartial towards policy outcomes; and that we need to increase the diversity of political thought within this working group.

GMU S-CAR, CIT and Behrendt Consulting will be co-leading the group.