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Gaining political buy-in to restrict illicit arms trade in Bangladesh

1.0 hour(s)

Illegal proliferation of small arms and ammunition is increasingly fueling crime and violence in Bangladesh society and polity. Evidence-based research has linked gun smuggling and armed violence with greedy politicians and a corrupt administration. Addressing these issues with the government is sensitive and risky for activists.

Join Neila Husain as she presents her research and work engaging government institutions, members of parliament, security agencies, civil society organizations, donors, international organizations and the media in dialogues designed to gain political buy-in for collaborative action towards resolving illicit arms trade in the country. Her presentation will be followed by a discussion on the challenges of engaging spoilers in dialogue in Bangladesh.


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Neila Husain lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and currently works as a freelance conflict and security analyst.  After obtaining her Masters from the University of Dhaka, she started her career as a research associate at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Relations, a leading government think tank. After several years of desk research and a series of publication, Neila became Saferworld's  Country Representative in Bangladesh where she got the opportunity to talk to and work with local communities including women and people of various ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds on issues related to community security, peace building and mediation. Neila has also given lectures at academic institutions including the Foreign Service Academy, the National Defence College and Dhaka University.


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