International Mediators Community of Practice

Calling on all Citizen Mediators to Bridge the U.S. Political Divide

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Joint MBBI-IMCP-ACR Peer-2-Peer Consultation (March 2016)

Members of several conflict resolution networks came together to discuss our current work and role impacting our democracy. Meta-Culture introduced the concept of being a "Citizen Mediator." Participants discussed building a national movement of peace-builders able to tackle today’s most pressing threats to our democracy and promote collaboration across differences through:

  1. Dialogue;
  2. Education; and
  3. Advocacy


By leveraging our unique set of tools, skills and sensibilities, we have the opportunity to strengthen our governance system, re-shape the narrative and embed collaborative consensus-building strategies into the policy-making process.

The challenge was given to practitioners who work to build communities at the local-level to begin to address macro-level threats to our democracy. The enthusiasm for the initiative and the urgency for concrete actions were noted. Participants asked for an online space for practitioners to get to know each other and start sharing their work rebuilding our democracy.




The next steps for the Hill Working Group are to:

  • Continue to build this movement by broadening our partnerships and penetrating other fields;
  • Re-educate ourselves to the meaning and role of being a “citizen” in our country; and
  • Understand the problems that drive conflict in our democratic processes and identify entry points for conflict resolution practitioners