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2017 Extractive Industry Calendar of Events and Conferences

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As the CoP and the IMCP prepare for 2017, we were joined by Luc Zandvliet with Triple R Alliance and Pascal Gemperli with the æ-Centre, as we discussed opportunities for promoting more collaborative corporate-community relationships.

Corporate Executives, such as the Senior Vice-Presidents of Sustainability, are typically the ones who get the call when their field operations faces problems with communities. They serve as the gatekeepers for selecting which experts to bring in. Many are unaware that professional mediators exist and will hire ex-judges or police officers to resolve the crisis. These may have legitimacy but little process design expertise. At the technical-level, the same misunderstandings exists about what a dialogue process actually entails. FPIC has put the emphasis on obtaining written agreements from communities there is little awareness about how best to get there.

We discussed leveraging our collective knowledge to bring about a shift in corporate thinking from reactive to pro-active as we tailor our message to respond to the industry’s need. For an audience of technical experts and project managers who develop technical processes in another sphere, we could demonstrate that conflict resolution isn’t just about talking to people, but that there is a predictable structured and controlled process that increases the predictability of achieving the desired outcome and leads to mechanisms that outlast the individuals. Focusing on how a strong dialogue process can protect corporate investments before it’s too late can help promote the use of third-party corporate-community facilitators. Noted was that the language used in the oil and gas sectors may be different than for agro-businesses.

The following events/conferences/workshops were identified as possible venues where this message could be highlighted:


6-9 February 2017 - Investing in African Mining Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa


5-8 March 2017 - Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), International Convention, Mining Trade Show and Investors Exchange, Toronto, Canada

  • The PDAC Convention offers an excellent opportunity to bring Aboriginal people together with the exploration and mining sector


4-7 April 2017 - 37th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA): Impact assessment’s contribution to the global efforts in addressing climate change, Montreal, Quebec


17 April 2017 - UN Global compact


May 2017 - IFC Sustainability Exchange

  • Best venue to meet corporate SVPs


25-27 May 2017 - Center for Cross-Cultural Study: Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality and Peace Studies (WESIPS) Conference, Seville, Spain


18 September 2017 - UN Private Business Forum, New York, USA


November 2017 - UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland


10-12 April 2018 - Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility, Abu Dhabi, UAE


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